John Rickard

John Rickard / Chief Executive

John was the chief executive of public company Hooper Bailey Industries for 15 years, a company which specialised in acquiring medium sized public companies with underutilised assets for restructuring or divestment.

During his tenure Hooper Bailie acquired 12 public companies and successfully rationalised them to generate significant capital returns and businesses with sales exceeding $250 million.

John holds an Accounting degree and has presented to post graduate students on Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions and Business Valuation. He has been member of the National Executive Committee of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers for seven years and initiated its Registered Business Valuers program.

He has had over 30 year's experience working with public and private company proprietors and directors in an extensive range of industries to assist them in identifying the key issues in their business and developing strategic solutions.

He has a reputation for integrity and outstanding performance across a range of business activities and provides a confidential, discreet and professional range of services to the management of Small and Medium Enterprises.

The President's Medal 2009
John was awarded the President's Medal for outstanding contribution to the business broking profession, presented by Australian Institute of Business Brokers Inc.