Business Strategy and Structuring

During his tenure at Hooper Bailey Industries John Rickard worked with the Professorial team at Cranfield University in the UK in developing a program to train managers of medium size business to develop and implement strategic planning processes that can be produced and managed in house.

He has introduced this program to Australian managers and it now forms the basis of Barrington's Strategic Planning Practice, assisting local management to develop and implement their own plans.

The plan incorporates:

  • The role of Strategic Planning
  • Determination of the objectives of the various stakeholders
  • The key external and internal issues to be considered
  • The formulation of appropriate strategies and tactics
  • The restructuring or reorganisation requirements
  • The implementation and monitoring program

Barrington works with business management to assist them in introducing the program into their businesses.

The program is affordable to most businesses and has ongoing benefits in the management, development and value of the business.